How can artificial intelligence help you?

As tools in our production processes, either to generate content or streamline daily tasks and focus on the most important aspects of our business. The results are more than final products in some cases, we can see them as if we had a virtual assistant that brings us closer to the goal, but we are the ones who give the final touch, nobody else knows our brand better than us. Artistic works seem to be in danger, designers, illustrators, content creators. Will it be a change similar to when television killed radio, or streaming to television? The truth is that it is a revolutionary change, to which we must adapt and the faster the better. In the end, nothing replaces our experience, and that is what will differentiate the final product edited by ourselves. Here some examples.

Generate brand names

During the more than 20 years working with brands, after being clear about the business model, the name is very important in what we want to transmit and it is often a brake on that process of undertaking, there are methodologies such as brand workshops, but here it can be generated the first options;

Copy Generator

Within the processes of generating prospects for our campaigns, we must generate a chain of messages according to our sales strategy, going from a cold state, to those interested in learning more about our brand, with these tools we can generate a first approach to that chain. of messages, Call to action or blog article and then with the assistance of the internal team, owners or creative polish for the final posting.

Presenters for your video

How about generating a video with your face, but without having to review a script and practice multiple times to later find the reality of your voice 🙂 which in most cases we do not recognize as our own, well this tool can Help us generate video content by submitting a video:

The ChatGPT revolution

Open to the public since 2022, it is capable of generating text similar to what a human would do, and unlike other AIs, it can be the largest, having more than 175,000 million parameters. What makes it special is the real-time response, being able to apply it for virtual assistant or customer service.

Atención: Attention: We must be aware that although several of these tools are free, what we are doing is training them, and we must be careful with the information we give, especially regarding personal data and facial and voice recognition.