First steps

Born in Medellín Colombia and raise in the land of the “Salsa” Music, El valle del cauca, second of a family of five siblings, i begin my study in on of the first Design Schools of the city, la Escuela de Diseño Proyectual.

I always been a searcher of new experiences, number one reason to choose my career path, in that search of every day know new dreamers and commercial adventures.

Digital Boom

In constant learning, demand of our changing environment, enter the digital world in 1999, working on projects such as Eureka for the newspaper El colombiano de Medellín, and clients such as TCC, Vajillas Corona, Suratep, The Colombian embassy in Wasington, EPM TV , Bancafe and Haceb.

It was a time of the Boom of the WWW, of the capital of angels, where I was able to grow in projects of portals in the city of Wasington and Miami, in the latter lead a design team in the Latinet project. An ambitious plan to become the portal of the Latino community in the United States. Like many of those dreams, they remained in experiences that enriched and allowed to cross borders.

The practice

During my experience of more than two decades I have been able to move in the world of private companies and institutions, I have been part of internal communications teams where we have been able to highlight our local area in front of other international branches, being winners of awards to achieve the internal culture on higher indicators. In the marketing areas I have also had the responsibility of being a guardian of global brands in their local application.


From my early work, I showed how we jumped to create designs, in a hurry to communicate a specific message, but afterwards and backwards I knew that there must be another way, one in which, we think more, and “design less.” And the strategy is the one that gives that guide in my practice. Today we have at the service of our users the design focused on them, which brings us closer to creating every day nearby brands and products that solve.

Brands that trust me