I facilitate the creation of products, campaigns and experiences that make your brand grow.

Brand Strategy

The user is at the heart of everything I do. My approach through empathy, and with a methodology of teamwork, facilitate the process and creation of guidelines to advance the objectives.

Graphic identity

In a world bombarded with noise in communications, I developed a visual language aligned with his business strategy.

UX User Experience

I think the key to a product is to create a strong and memorable experience, focused on the user and applying methodologies and data.

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How is your brand strategy process?

The process is days (depending on the size of the project), in which I act as a facilitator to define communication objectives by creating a link between business and creativity.

Is it necessary to have the strategy developed with RO Strategy & Design to realize the graphic identity?

No, if you already have your strategy developed and defined your brand (value proposition, user profiles and brand objectives) I can enter the project and develop campaigns on what has already worked.

Is coverage limited to a geographical area?

No, I have worked for brands in Colombia, Panama, Miami and Atlanta. With which according to the project the work is coordinated by means of video conference appointments or displacements according to need.

Are the abilities to develop pieces limited to the creation of logos or graphic identities?

No, because of my experience I can develop pieces for traditional media, as well as for the digital environment, from content creation for social networks to the development of websites.

How is your process to start new projects?

If the project is within the ranges of prices and previous payment of advance we always start with the brief, in case you do not have one, I can advise you in the construction of it. Then, according to the work schedule, the agreed deliveries are made.

How many people make up the RO Strategy & Design team?

The projects are always led by me, and according to need are incorporated the profiles needed to meet the goals. In the case of WEB DEVELOPMENT, when necessary, engineers and programmers are added. In the case of facilitation of equipment according to the size of the company may be annexed other consultants.